The Ruin project is creating a 2.5D game world. It's kind of like Heretic meets Neverwinter Nights.


The project's goal is to create a game engine that can do the follow (not getting technically specific):

  • run from a web browser without needing the client to load anything other than jre1.4
  • have D&D style character interaction and customization
  • have the ability to have large numbers of actors on screen at the same time (huge war battles, old school game play like doom)
  • be able to use current Doom and Heretic authoring tools (level designers, etc - then run though a process to create a more streamlined web format)
  • have little or no noticeable sector load times
  • run on mediocre machines


Note: this is not a port of id's Doom / Heretic engine to Java. While the engine can read Doom's WAD files, none of the code came from id's Doom engine. The bulk of the code, the core, was graciously donated by Marcus Persson.


Want to help? We are currently looking for several positions. If you think you might be interested in helping join the mailing list and say hi, or drop me a line.

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